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The Kick-off to Wedding Season

Think back to November and December when your Instagram and Facebook feeds were nothing but engagement photos. Remember that? Well, the time has come for all of those love-drunk friends to finally tie the knot. June marks the beginning of the wedding season in Southern California and from Los Angeles to San Diego an estimated 134,000 couples will be making the biggest commitment of their lives, spending a combined $5B. Yes, Billion, with a ‘B’!

Photo Booth

On average, couples spend 8 months meticulously choosing their vendors and venue. For the 5th year in a row, photo booths are still one of the most researched items for brides and wedding planners. Photo booth search volume on Google is even higher than for DJs this year. With the wide array of providers in the market, it’s no wonder why couples are doing their do diligence to hire the right company. The right photo booth company can elevate a wedding to something truly unique by providing a fun activity for guest, and lasting memories for the bride and groom.

In 2018 an estimated $28M in Southern California will be spent on photo booth rentals for weddings with the majority of the spend in Los Angeles. Pixster will be a part over 2,000 weddings this season earning us the title of the largest provider in California. Servicing over 100 rentals a week during peak season we will have no shortage of work or hilarious photos.

With so much on the line for couples who are trying to make the perfect photo booth selection, we wanted to help by creating an easy ‘must have’ guide (below). Needless to say, Pixster offers all of the recommended 'must haves' and we maintain a five-star rating on every major review website making us the highest rated photo booth rental company in California! We hope that after researching what is out their that brides and grooms alike will select Pixster to help make their big day even more magical.

Photo Booth Rental Guide


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