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GIF Photo Booth

gif photo booth
Add GIFs to any rental for only:
What are GIFs? (Graphics Interchange Format)

Animated images, otherwise known as GIFs, have been around for 25 years!  The GIF trend has never been stronger. There is something about GIFs that captures our attention. They have no sound, and are low-quality, but give us so much joy. In a way, it’s like the digital version of a flip-book. The Internet loves using a GIF as a reaction. Today, GIFs are playing an increasingly important role in breaking news on the web, telling stories through photojournalism and giving us new ways to express our emotions when we can’t do it in person. There’s no doubt about it -- GIFs and social media have indeed become BFFs.

Share Your GIFs
Facebook photo booth
Twitter photo booth
Instagram photo booth
social media photo booth

Email instantly on site! Using our advanced sharing program, let your guests get social and share their gif on major social media sites after emailing GIFs directly to their phone.  All of our photo booths are equipped with 4G mobile hotspots, so no internet is required!

photo booth with gif

A few reasons we love GIFs!

Emotion - GIF's do more than animate a still image, they give them emotion! They take a single moment and elevate it to a completely new experience.

Nostalgia - Remember your GeoCities site, that dancing baby, and dial-up modems? Everything comes full circle and vintage is "so hot right now"!

Social - Part of the fun of taking photos is sharing them with others. Since GIFs can only be viewed online, they are perfect for sharing on social media.

Technology Built In!
photo booth with social media
social media photo booth

Increase your Internet availability and ensure maximum uptime with business continuity features like failover/failback standard in our built in Cradlepoints.  Our built in Cradlepoints use Verizon's 4G network and help to ensure internet availability for maximum social media sharing.  All photo booths are internet equiped and ready to go!


180 GIF Photo Booth

Step-up Your GIF Game
Add  180 Degree GIFs to any rental for only:
180 Degree gif photo booth
Add  180 Degree GIFs to any rental for only:
Experience Bullet Time

Bullet time (also known as frozen moment, the big freeze, dead time, flow motion or time slice) is a visual effect or visual impression of detaching the time and space of a camera (or viewer) from that of its visible subject. AKA ...its a 3D photo!


The user experience of our 180 Degree GIF activation is a "model photographer" type feel.  The cameras and lighting are studio quality and the photog will help people pose and angle them to play to the 180 degree aspect ratio.  Our cameras capture users from head to toe or we can set them up for tighter shots. Users are able to email, Facebook, Instagram, and tweet their GIFs instantly on-sight.  We also have the ability to give users access to the still photos in HD quality and print the middle photo.

What you get:

What you get:

7 - HD DSLR Camera Array - Our 180 degree GIF booth consists of 7 professional DSLR cameras mounted and maned by 2 of our photographers

2 Photogs - Our photogs will be there to ensure optimal photo quality and assist users maximize their experience.

Prints - Our set-up will immediately print the photo from the center camera. We are able to customize your prints however you would like.

Social Sharing Station - Part of the fun of taking photos is sharing them with others. Since GIFs can only be viewed online, they are perfect for sharing on our social media sharing.

Digital Copies - In addition to the GIF you will receive the HD versions of all the photos from all 5 angles.

Phoo Booth Set Up
180 Degree gif photo booth
180 degree gif booth
180 degree gif photo booth
Anchor 1
Animated Overlay

Animated Overlays

Bring your brand to life
Add an
animated overlay
starting at:

What you get:

Design - Our design team will work with you to produce the perfect brainchild for your event. By incorporating your logo and event theme we will create the perfect design to draw attention to your event or brand to help boost social sharing and marketing visibility.


Revise - The animated GIF overlay service comes standard with 3 rounds of revisions. Our design team will partner with you to tweak and modify any adjustments that need to be made. If more revisions are needed, we will do as many revisions as necessary to ensure the perfect end product.


Execute - Once your design is finalized, our production team will program our photo booth to your specs to ensure proper execution on the day of your event. Your on-site attendant will call users attention to the animated GIF by directing them to our Social Media Station and encouraging them to share their photos!

Phoo Booth Set Up

gif photo booth

Photo Booth Rental

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