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Plan Your Holidays With Pixster!

I know I’ve written about the holidays a lot recently, but in this post I’m actually going to introduce a new service that Pixster is very excited to offer, particularly to our corporate clients. Since, you know, this is the time of the year when all the corporate holiday parties happen.

Corporate events are the second most popular type of event that Pixster does. We’re extremely familiar with the process of corporate events and have certain deals and packages for our executive clients. And once the holiday season rolls around, the number of corporate events we do matches or excels the number of weddings we do. This year, we’re expecting even more corporate holiday parties on our calendar!

For those of you who have never heard of our corporate deals, one service that we offer is our Custom Social Media Posting Message, which allows the user to upload their picture to their Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account and the caption is a pre-set message that the client has given us. Examples from past events includes:

“Having a rockin’ time at The Rolling Stones concert at Petco Park! #StonesZipSD

“@Cannonballsd is making a splash in Mission Beach #splashbashsd #splashresponsibly

“Partied at the #kickinitchal Gala Bash to support breast cancer. Hosted by @kickinitchal to support #KomenSD

“Shenanigans at the #SDstartupweek Opening Ceremony hosted by @dtelepathy.”

Now, Pixster is introducing our Instant Hashtag Printing Service for our corporate clients who are looking for a photo booth to rent for their upcoming holiday party! With our Instant Hashtag Printing service, you can print ANY picture with our photo booth using just a hashtag. So, for example, let’s say the hashtag you wanted to use for this service was #ILovePixster. Now, when you take a picture on your phone at the party and upload it to your Instagram or Twitter account and use the hashtag #ILovePixster, our booth automatically prints the picture that you took. How cool is that?!

And don’t forget about our other services offered for our corporate clients such as logo watermarking on print and/or digital copies, custom step-and-repeat backdrops, data capture, and even a thumb drive of all the pictures given on site. We even offer special holiday-themed props if you’re feeling a little extra jolly about your party! Holiday corporate parties are some of my favorite events to work and with these customizable packages we offer for executive clients, how could you not take advantage of having a photo booth at your corporate party? Make sure that you visit our “Pricing” page to view all the services we offer. Don’t wait too long, we’re filling up fast!

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