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Farewell to Summer

It’s official. With Labor Day here and gone, we can say goodbye to summer. Well… In San Diego, “summer” can continue through November. Regardless, we can still vamp up for the upcoming Autumn. Even though it remains consistently warm throughout the day, you can feel it in the air once the sun drops; the chill that lingers in the air beckoning you to wrap your hands around the warmest drink you can find. It’s a great feeling. Here are some reasons to be excited for fall!

Sweater Weather–I think many people seem to forget the fashion advantages that come with chillier seasons. You know what’s appropriate to wear in the blistering summer and frosty winter. But fall is where you can really peacock your fashion sense. Scarves, sweaters, coats, long sleeves, and boots? Splashed with rich earth tones, what more could you ask for fashion-wise?

Misty Mornings–There’s something about fall that makes me a rise a little more slowly out of bed in the morning and savor the feeling of time moving slower. With the time change, the muted crimsons, oranges, marigold yellows, moss greens, and rich plums, and the warmth that hangs in the air like dust particles, time comes to a standstill. There’s nothing better than waking up and having the ashy-colored mist hovering above the city. It’s kind of a like a warm security blanket. And in San Diego, that marine layer we get never seems to go away at any time of the year.

Holidays–Fall (leading into winter) is jam packed with so many large holidays, how could you not love this time of year with all the food and drink? Halloween, which is always an excuse to let out your inner child, Thanksgiving—PIE—and Christmas are all times for us to be reflective and thankful for what we’ve been given in our lives. Yes, even the rough patches!

Seasonal Favorites—Which is really just an excuse for companies to regurgitate everything pumpkin-flavored, but knowing that I can only get that special limited edition pumpkin-scented candle from Anthropologie in a three-month period of time is not only somewhat stressful and dramatic, but secretly thrilling. Give us all the pumpkin!

Bye-Bye, Baseball—Don’t get me wrong: I love a hot dog and beer and a night at the ballpark as much as the next American, but while baseball may be America’s Pastime, football is America’s sport. All the tailgate parties with the sun hanging low, sipping hot chocolate at your college football game, and the roar of the crowd as your team scores another touchdown… No offense to all the die-hard baseball fans!

I know it’s hard to get in the mood for fall, especially living anywhere in the lower region of the country, but it’s time to say goodbye to scorching heat, sweaty everything, and pesky critters. Every year, I always hope that if I keep dressing and acting like its fall, the weather will follow suit. But until I’m able to experience regular seasons, I’ll continue to curl up with a hot drink and watch Hocus Pocus. What are your favorite things about fall?

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