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Pixster Photo Booth Rental Named Best Photo Booths by San Diego A-List Voters

Voters named Pixster Photo Booths the Best Photo Booths in the San Diego area for 2014. To determine the winner, voters had more than 15 nominees to choose from. The photo booth rental category is competitive to say the least. Just in San Diego Pixster faces 35+ competitors. Winning the best photo booth rental company of 2014 is a testament to the service the company provides not only in San Diego, but also in Orange County and Temecula.

Pixster, who recently announced photo booth rental service in Orange County, prides itself on delivering an exceptional photo booth experience. As their motto states, they truly are “photo booths reinvented”. From the unique designs of the booths themselves, the high quality of the images they take, and their exceptional customer service, Pixster is a standout in the photo booth rental industry. Offering customers a choice between both enclosed and open air photo booths, Pixster believes they maintain a distinct competitive advantage. Since their launch in March 2013, Pixster has grown exponentially and now photo booth rental service to over 600 events a year.

Owner and Co-Founder McLain Harvey attributes Pixster’s success to the abundance of photo booth services the company offers clients. In a recent interview McLain said, “there are two things that set us apart; the robust and unique services we offer such as our social media option, and our unequivocal commitment to provide exceptional customer service.” Pixster is the only photo booth rental company that offers over 100 backdrop options, including their famous chalkboard backdrop created by renowned artist Amber Thrane. In addition, Pixster has extremely competitive pricing.

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