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Custom Logo Watermarking

Ensure Your Logo is on All Digital Content
Willam Morris Agency Logo Watermark
Logo Watermark for Samsung
Logo Watermark for HBO
Park After Dark Logo Watermark
Amobee Holiday Promo Event Watermark
Fit Foodie Custom Overlay
Nieman Marcus Digital Overlay
Macy's Custom Digital Overlay

Ensure all of your digital content is watermarked or overlaid with your branding. Your logo will be on photos users post to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as photos users download in your online gallery or email to themselves.  Keep it simple with one logo or add a bunch.  We can even do a custom overlay if you really want to get crazy! Sky's the limit with this invaluable marketing tool.

Digital Watermark and Overlays

Why Watermarking is a MUST!

Market - Digital content is viewed, shared, liked, commented on, and whatever else kids these days are doing. If your audience is younger then 105, watermarking is essential!

Enhance - When done right a good overlay or watermark can give the image style, pizazz, and enhance the theme and vibe of your event.

Protect - Don't let your images succumb to identity theft. Ensure that users of your photos give credit where credit is due. 

Watermarks vs. Overlays

Watermarks and overlays are essentially the same thing. They both brand the photo, put an image or images on top the photo, and can not be removed except by the image owner.

  1. Create a vectored file 1240px by 720px
  2. Leave transparent space for the photo
  3. Email the file to us
  4. We will email you back a final design proof
Let Us Design it For You
  1. Email us your logo(s) in .PNG format
  2. Our designers will place the logo(s)
  3. We will email you a design proof
  4. You can revise up to 3 times for free

Corporate Photo Booth Rental

Corporate Photo Booth Rental

Tik Tok Photo Booth

Social Media Photo Booth

Photo Booth Rental

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